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MaryAnn D’Ambrosio, MBA, Ph.D.
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Calling all Leaders . . .

What if YOU could apply the same wisdom and tools to take YOUR leadership potential to another level . . .

It’s time to step up and lead others to their greatness!

If you’re leading a team, a project, an organization, a “small” business or a corporation, this leadership series is for YOU!

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Wouldn’t it be incredible to learn the things these leaders embody that have lead them to their leadership success? Then you could apply the same wisdom that the leaders reveal - to YOUR own life - to achieve more confidence, clarity, and connection with others.

Are YOU ready to hear from great leaders who are authentic?

These incredibly successful heart-based leaders have stepped up to share their wisdom and coach YOU . . . so that, YOU too can achieve remarkable personal and professional success!!!

★ Be better prepared for the changing landscape in business

★ Learn unique perspectives on must have leadership skills for the 21st century

★ Recognize a new kind of leader and discover a new way of leading

★ Evaluate if you are a Conscious Leader

★ Learn the secret to earning trust

★ Learn the common threads of leadership advice from 6 diverse, heart-based, leadership experts

About the Series

Innovative Leadership

Lead Out Loud Now is very excited to reveal the next level in leadership development! Although this series is designed for individuals in corporations and business, you’ll quickly discover that the Insider’s Secrets to Great Leadership are timeless pearls of wisdom, that guide the leader who is within each and every one of us.

By Conscious Design . . .

The six heart-based leaders in the Leadership by Conscious Design Interview Series understand there’s a major shift or change taking place in the world and it’s no longer “business as usual.” These leaders have stepped up and are offering wisdom, experience, and practical tools that can strengthen your leadership capacity to enrich your personal and professional life.

You’re in for a real treat . . .

6 Authentic Heart-based Leaders Reveal ...
“Insider Secrets to Great Leadership”

Succeeding in 2010 and beyond requires a new foundation.

In the Leadership by Conscious Design Interview Series the guests add experience to wisdom and discuss what makes leaders successful!

You'll quickly discover...

  • What’s at the Heart of Great Leadership.

  • Why it’s important to be a leader in your own life first.

  • And . . . What it means to be a Conscious Leader.

  • You’ll hear so much more.

A sprinkling follows . . .

David O’Brien

David O’Brien is president of Connecticut-based WorkChoice Solutions, a nationally recognized provider of leadership and team effectiveness consulting services.

David released his first book, The Navigators Handbook: 101 Leadership Lessons for Work and Life, in July of 2008. David’s second book, Tapping Your Leadership Wisdom, is expected in bookstores in the spring of 2010.

Dave's interview will reveal...

  • The common denominators Great Leaders share.

  • Why there's a high premium on staying grounded.

  • Why it's important to add humor and lightness to a leadership style.

  • Advice for early career, high potential folks who haven't figured it all out.

  • What is most significant in leadership effectiveness.

Elizabeth Agnew

In 2006, Elizabeth (Liz) Agnew established Integrative Leadership Strategies (formerly Vision, Goal, Action. Coaching) to leverage her engineering background and passion for helping teams develop their leadership skills and to communicate better.

A native of New York State, Liz holds a BS in civil engineering from Cornell University, and an MS in structural engineering from Stanford University.

Liz's interview reveals...

  • The importance of "connecting" for engineers and technical professionals in the corporate workplace.

  • Why a move or a change of location - in business or in your personal life - is a chance to hit the reset button.

  • What is key in developing intuition for technical professionals.

  • What Generation Y is "demanding" and "craving" in the workplace.

  • Why throw away "leadership" as a buzzword.

Stacey Hentschel

Stacey Hentschel, founder of Quantum Integrations is a speaker, advisor, coach, and organizational consultant. Over the last twenty years, Stacey has trained thousands of people in the areas of organizational development, team building, strategic planning, leadership, management, marketing, and communication.

Stacey is regarded as a visionary thinker and has worked with over 500 businesses from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Stacey reveals...

  • Each and every person has something that they're here to contribute.

  • What it takes to have an organization flourish.

  • Why conscious awareness is important in companies and relationships.

  • "The most important thing in conscious leadership is to develop safety with each other..." Learn why.

  • What corporations sometimes forget about communication.

  • How a project can be completed very quickly when we're in this particular space.

Patricia Varley

Patricia Varley is an international speaker, trainer, retreat and workshop facilitator, author, business and personal coach, who focuses on integrating professional, personal and spiritual growth.

Patricia has published numerous articles and is a featured author in Power Tools - Top executive coaches put you on the fast track to success. She also wrote and designed the workbook and manual Because You Matter: 10 Heart Centered Principles for Living the Life You Desire.

Patricial will reveal...

  • What "reinventing success from the inside out" means.

  • Wisdom from the ancient philosopher Lao Tzu that is fundamental to leadership today.

  • Why it's important for transformational leaders to be creative and step into a new paradigm.

  • What's different about transformation versus change.

  • Why transformative leaders ask themselves key questions, including "Am I willing to walk my talk and be in integrity?"

Sandra LeMieux

Sandra LeMieux has enjoyed a long and successful career working with a number of Fortune 500 companies, including IBM.

Sandra currently has her own company, LeMusing, and as a holistic life coach, helps individuals in all areas of their lives. Sandra offers individual consulting and healing, as well as programs that promote energetic wellness for groups and corporations.

Sandra reveals...

  • What a life statement is and why it's important to have your own.

  • What's at the heart and soul of great leadership.

  • How a leader's mere presence can guide others.

  • What conscious leaders do to add humor and lightness to the organization.

  • How a leader can get individuals within the organization to be more creative, flexible, smart, and resilient.

  • Why creative wisdom is lost when leaders only see things in black or white.

Andrea Woolf

In 1995, Andrea Woolf reached a turning point. After 25 years in the corporate world, she discovered the coaching profession, and knew immediately that it was the contribution that she was here to make. Thousands of clients have relied on Andrea’s heart-based wisdom and ear for clarity to help them discover meaning, purpose and passion in their life.

In addition to her coaching, Andrea is a trainer and speaker, and her first book, Ignite Your Life! How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be, will be out soon.

Andrea reveals...

  • The 3 "Cs" of true leadership.

  • Why authenticity is the name of the game, when leading others.

  • "Leaders can come from surprising places. It isn't necessarily the highly experienced that necessarily are the best leaders." You'll want to hear this story!

  • Why it's important to encourage everyone you work with to "show up" as a leader.

  • What all leaders can do (absolutely free!) to build their team

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I loved the diversity of the leadership experts who were interviewed. They are all open to sharing their experiences, insights and conclusions.

MaryAnn does a masterful job of asking just the right questions in just the right order to explore various leadership topics with each expert. She extracts their unique contributions to this all important subject.

Since everyone has leadership potential, I think everyone has something to learn from this well-crafted set of interviews.

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Marge Brown

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